“As first-generation African entrepreneurs, we want to be a force for good. Therefore it is imperative that we do well and do good. We do not just preach good Governance because it is in vogue, nor is it an end in itself. We believe that good Governance will ultimately ensure that we create superior value for our stakeholders. Owing to the above, it is front and centre of what we do.” Beki Moyo

DBF Capital Partners focuses on investments in equity and debt securities in both private and public entities in Southern, Eastern, and Western Africa. DBF invests directly in all sectors of the economy, in both established and emerging companies, with a particular focus on mining, energy, real estate, financial services, technology, retail, and manufacturing sectors. Investments, generally take the form of:

DBF Capital Partners provides financial advisory services to both public and privately held companies. These include start-ups, well established, troubled and flourishing companies – all with unique and complex needs. The company aims to maximise the wealth of its clients by providing objective and specialist advice.

DBF Capital Partners has a wide network of investment partners with a keen interest in African markets. Through its extensive network, DBF assists companies in raising seed, start-up, working and expansion capital. DBF Capital Partners’ overall strategic objective is to become a leading financial partner in the markets in which it operates. It aims to strengthen its market position and that of its customers through strategic growth while maximising shareholder value.

DBF Capital Partners uses its extensive experience and networks in the banking sector to achieve the most reasonable cost and terms for its clients. DBF understands the business challenges within its markets and that businesses are prone to pressure from creditors and lenders who need settlement to remain viable.